When you have sold your sheep it would be very helpful if you would inform the Secretary as we wish to keep these pages as up to date as possible. Thank you.

Ewe Lambs for Sale

Amy Young has 3 registered ewe lambs for sale:

C13865 Claybrook Dolly (06/04/2015), C13864 Claybrook Molly (26/03/2015), C13866 Claybrook Ruth (11/04/2015).

For further information please phone Amy on 01386 834109 or 07985608811.

Pedigree Yearling Ewes & Ewe lambs for sale 

John & Sherry Webb have four shearling ewes for sale which have been running with Tingewick Kyrus (C12239). Ewe numbers are C13594, C13593, C13595,C13730. All due end of January 2016.

John & Sherry Webb also have four ewe lambs sired by Tingewick Kyrus (C12239). Ewe lamb numbers are C13732, C13733, C13735, C13736.

Three fleeces are also available, 2 lamb and one shearling. 

For further details please contact:

John or Sherry on 07974042445 or via email

Pedigree Ewes for sale 

Anthony Porter has 6 Pedigree ewes for sale from his Holwell flock - 5 were born in 2013 and 1 was born in 2012. Their registration numbers are:

C12627, C13073, C13066, C13084, C13085, C13064

For further information, please contact Anthony on 07710 308868.

Shearling Ram for Sale

Harford Toby C13353 - For further information contact Pat Quinn by email at pq(at)

2 Senior Rams for sale

Registration Numbers are: C11532 & C11634 

Please contact:

Ruth Snape via email @ or on mobile 07443437014

Rams for Hire

Mr Steve Parkes - Tel: 01451 830461

Mr Steve Parkes hires out rams. Members should contact him for further details on the above telephone number