Wool & Fleece for Sale or Wanted

Felstead Fleece offer ‘Fleece Processing’

For the past 8-years, Felsted Fleece have been processing the fleece generated by their own small flock of Gotland sheep mainly because, with only a few fleeces each year, they could not find anyone willing to do the work for them.  Now with 60 sheep, and for the sake of their sanity, Neil & Cara  have had to expand their processing to include some industrial-scale equipment. 

Felsted Fleece plan to offer Contract processing and bespoke dying, if required: “From the sheep’s back to a Carded Sliver or batt”,  but spaces will be limited…

So, if you own a small number of sheep or are a Spinner or Weaver that has bought a single fleece ‘In the Grease’ and don’t want the hassle of Scouring and Carding it yourself, why not contact Felsted Fleece to discuss your requirements and reserve a Processing Slot.


Hendra Vean Woollens

hendra vean woollens
Goods on display at the Royal Welsh Smallholders Show

For the discerning purchaser, Hendra Vean Cotswolds have a large selection of woollen goods including knitting wool, scarves, throws, gillets, hand made jumpers and mittens. All are made from the wool of our Hendra Vean flock of pedigree Cotswold sheep.

For further information please visit our website www.hendraveancotswolds.co.uk