• We wish all our members a very successful lambing season - with plenty of healthy lambs, contented mums and at least some sleep!!
  • However - members should be aware that some cases of Schmallenberg (SBV) have been found in early lambing flocks across the UK, including in Gloucestershire. This does NOT mean flock keepers should panic, but IF a ewe is having difficulty lambing, and you need to intervene - you should be aware that one reason the ewe is struggling  could possibly be that the lamb is deformed as a result of the ewe having been infected by a midge carrying the SBV infection at a vital stage of pregnancy. To find out more click here.

    VET ATTESTATION: Members with sheep should be aware that from 13th December 2023 there is a new requirement for all farmers sending animals directly from their farm to slaughter. 
    You must provide evidence of regular animal health visits by your vet, who will issue a Vet Attestation that your animals are healthy and disease free. 
    This applies even if you are taking your own butchered lambs back home to sell. For further information click here.


    BLUETONGUE: Members may be aware that there are currently several cases of Bluetongue in Kent
     and in Norfolk. The disease is carried by midges which have carried it here from Europe. 
    However, Bluetongue is currently NOT thought to be circulating in the UK - but to learn more visit the DEFRA
     website by clicking here.

    Stone Head BiburyThe Cotswold sheep, often referred to as the 'Cotswold Lion' was introduced to the UK by the Romans. Their wool known as the 'Golden Fleece' was an important export. It not only played a major role in the development of many Cotswold towns and villages, but also in the finances of the nation. Sadly times have changed, and they are now classified as a rare breed.

    Click Here for more information about the history of the Cotswold Wool and Click Here for more about the Breed History.

    The Cotswold Sheep Society co-ordinates socials, training, shows and more ....

    The Society Show 2023

    A perfect day and a great turnout of sheep.

    Spring Social, Aldsworth Village Hall, May 2022

    Members, friends and families enjoying an excellent BBQ lunch.

    The Society Show 2022

    A good turnout of smart sheep.

    The Society Show 2019

    Steve Parkes judging a class of Senior Ewes

    Shearling Ewes in Full Wool

    Shearling Ewes in Full Wool Three Counties Show 2018

    The Society Show 2018

    A Line Up of Winners Society Summer Show 2018

    A Fleece Talk – AGM 2015

    Ian Brooksbank from the Wool Board giving a 'Wool Talk' at the 2015 AGM

    Ian Brooksbank(Wool Board) giving a 'Wool Talk'.

    Winter Social 2018

    The Presentation of the Frank Williams Trophy to James Dale.

    Wool on the Hoof

    Ian Brooksbank judging Wool on the Hoof - Society Show 2017

    A Very Woolly Challenge

    Spinners hard at work at the Woolly Event, Meysey Hampton.

    Spinners hard at work at the Woolly Event, Meysey Hampton.

    A Bring and Share Lunch at the AGM

    The 'Bring and Share' lunch at the 2015 AGM

    The 'Bring and Share' lunch at the 2015 AGM

    Summer Show 2017

    Davina Stanhope judging the Summer Show 2017