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If you are looking for Cotswold sheep to buy, then please do come along to our Society Breed Sale, which will take place at Worcester Livestock Market on Saturday 10th August 2024. For information on the Breed Sale please visit McCartneys Livestock Auctioneers here. Alternatively, please contact our Registrar here.





Please be aware while all sheep advertised on this website are PEDIGREE animals, and all are REGISTERED (except possibly younger lambs), and all should meet breed standards, they have NOT been inspected by the Society. There is further essential information for BUYERS at the bottom of the page. 

To place, or remove, an advert please email the website manager. It is important that sold sheep are removed as soon as possible to enable us to keep this page up to date.

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  • When you are buying Cotswolds off a farm (and not through the Breed Sale) there a few things you should be aware of:
  • Only sheep bought at the Annual Breed Sale will have been 'card graded' by the Society - (RED card - a CORRECT sheep, BLUE card - a sheep with a minor fault, YELLOW card - A sheep with a more serious fault or several minor faults, - WHITE card - An unacceptable sheep.
  • All Cotswolds sold as 'pedigree' or 'registered' of whatever age, must be registered with the Society by the breeder who has to be a member of the Society. The buyer cannot register sheep.
  • Always ask to see the sheep's paperwork before purchasing - if in doubt please contact the Society as we have details of all sheep registered with us.
  • Always make sure the seller has notified the Society of the transfer of ownership to you. This can only be done by the seller either by filling in the transfer section of the Pedigree Certificate and returning it to the Registrar, or directly online via the Online Flock Book. Remember you will NOT be able to register lambs unless the sheep have been properly transferred to you, and you are a member of the Cotswold Sheep Society. 
  • Lambs can be Birth Notified - this does not mean they necessarily reach the breed standard. Be aware - only the breeder can upgrade a lamb's status to Registered (which means it is judged by the breeder to reach the breed standard) - we strongly advise you to make sure all stock is registered BEFORE purchase.
  • Only 2 registered sheep can produce a lamb which can itself be registered. A term such as 'pure bred' is NOT the same as 'registered'. Such sheep may indeed be Cotswold but they are not, and never can be, registered pedigree sheep.

Buyers be aware...

Please also note that you must be aware of all tagging and movement legislation before moving sheep. Please visit GOV.UK for full details, and up to date regulations.

In 2023 all breeding sheep must be double tagged (with one EID tag and its matching pair) before leaving the farm where it was born. All movements must be to a registered holding and accompanied by a completed Movement License. The Society 'Breed Tag' can be fitted in addition to the two official tags - it cannot be used on its own. Records must be kept of all medicines used, when, and where purchased, along with all sheep movements in your Flock Register.

An excellent book to get you going with the basics of sheep keeping is the Haynes Manual; The Complete Step-by-Step Guide to Caring for Your Flock.  The downloadable Information for New Members is a useful guide to a few basics of keeping Cotswold sheep.

For any questions concerning buying and selling sheep - please do contact the Society and we will do all we can to help you - we want you to enjoy your Cotswold experience!!

Information for Sellers

  • Please try to add a photo of the sheep you are selling to your advertisement as this can help sell the sheep. Make sure you add a location where the sheep can be viewed and a contact number.
  • Please ask for your sheep to be removed from the website as soon as they are sold as we like to try and keep the website as up to date as possible.
  • For more information or to remove/place an advert please email us.